About the Art

Finely Crafted Turned Wood

The natural grain and color of the wood combined with design and symmetry make each piece unique.  The design evolves according to grain patterns and characteristics such as cracks, voids or bark inclusions. Burls, crotch patterns, flares and other naturally occurring variations in the wood are worked into pieces to enhance their natural beauty.  As a result, each piece is one of a kind.

Many pieces are turned to final form from green logs and allowed to dry slowly to prevent checking or cracking. During the drying process the wood moves in various ways based on grain, density, orientation and thickness to create variations that enhance the concentric shapes. Selected pieces are rough turned and allowed to dry for several months or up to a year or more. These pieces are then remounted on the lathe and turned to final form resulting in a more symmetrical final shape. To enhance the natural beauty of the wood, pieces are typically finished with several applications of high quality natural oils or a urethane finish when a more durable protection is appropriate